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Welcome to the PINK Wiki

Hello everyone, My website is all about P!NK and her album funhouse. Don't forget to check out my blog and you can also add your own pages.This to all those P!NK lovers out there. - jakethedog11


This topic is about P!NK's album Funhouse and how it came to be and the songs etc. New games are coming soon and new blogs and new pages. And you can make a comment to jakethedog11. I hope you enjoy the fun. Don't forget we are all rockstars! 

About P!NK's Album Funhouse

Pink recorded 14 songs in this album.

  1. So What
  2. Sober
    Funhouse cover

    This is the cover of her album funhouse!

  3. I Don't Believe You
  4. One Foot Wrong
  5. Please Don't Leave Me 
  6. Bad Influence
  7. Funhouse
  8. Crystal Ball
  9. Mean 
  10. It's All Your Fault
  11. Ave Mary A
  12. Glitter In The Air
  13. This Is How It Goes Down
  14. Could've Had Everything

This album took her just about over a year. This album was released Oct 24, 2008 and she recorded it at La Face Records LLC then in the first week she sold 180,000 copies making her number 1  in Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Funhouse has sold over 7.5 million copies worlwide. Funhouse earned Pink three Grammy Award nominations and five MTV Video Music Award nominations.  This album kind of tells a story with all the songs because she reently separated from her husband, Carey Hart. Pink originally wanted to call her album Heartbreak Is A Motherf###er but her record label declined because the rude and nasty language would affect the scales. Pink said "Well, i don't want it to look like a break-up album" There is alot of break-up things happening in the album but it is also really fun so they decided to name it Funhouse.

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