Everyone thinks that pink is just singing, singing, singing, yeah? Well she has a life too. A very whelthy life.

P!NK's HomeEdit

P!nk moved in to a new house because her family has extended with her daughter, Willow. It was an 11.8 million dollar house. And her next door neighbour is Matthew McConaughey! It is in Malibu in California. It is a wonderful home, but if you ask me, a bit to much space.

  • Her balcony with a beautiful view!
  • Pink's grand piano!
  • Backyard with 25 yard pool!
  • Frontyard with a big big driveway
  • Kitchen and dining room!

About Alecia...Edit

Have you ever wondered what is pink's real name? Is she a mother? How old is pink? When is her birthday? well don't have to need to KNOW IT REALLY BADLY anymore!

First name: Alecia
Middle name: Beth
Last name: Moore
Stage name: P!NK
Age: 34
D.O.B: 8th, September, 1979.
Occupation: Malibu, California.
Label: LaFace
Last concert: Australia, 2013, The Truth About Love Tour.
Parent?: The mother of her 2 year old daughter, Willow! :)

Smile pretty pretty for the camera, P!NK! :)


P!NK on the red carpet! :)

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